Mending a hole

Mending a hole or tear

Clothes with a hole or tear don’t need to be written-off: you can darn the hole.

Darning is effectively weaving using needle and thread. It creates a really strong mend but can also be virtually invisible.

Step by step guide:

  1. Using thread that matches the colour of the fabric, begin 1cm to the right and 1cm underneath the hole. Sew small stitches, in a straight line upwards until you reach 1cm above the hole.
  2. Now apply the same technique going downwards, directly adjacent to your first row.
  3. Continue to create rows of stitches in this way. When you get to the hole itself, simply let the loose thread cover the hole, trying to apply a similar tension to the rest of the material.
  4. Once you have sewn rows of thread across the hole, continue to create a few more, until you have reached 1cm to the right of the hole. This will ensure a strong mend.
  5. Congratulations – you have created a warp (the vertical threads)! To complete the darn, you will now need to weave the weft (horizontal threads). From the top right-hand corner, begin making small stitches horizontally across the darning area.
  6. When you come to the end, reverse your direction, as before. However, this time, when you reach the hole in the middle, direct the needle over, then under each of the warp threads.
  7. The next time you cross the hole coming from the other direction, you should attempt to weave the needle in and out the opposite way to the last row. The rows should alternate between going over and under the warp but don’t worry if it’s not exact.
  8. Continue sewing your horizontal rows until you reach the bottom of the darning area. Close up the end of the thread underneath and admire your handiwork!