Pink ribbons and buttons.

Ten top upcycling tips to revive and revamp your clothes

Old and tired-looking clothes can be revitalised easily with some smarts and a dash of skill.

Here are ten ways to revamp or re-use your wardrobe with the minimum of effort.

1. Button up

Revamp a jacket or blazer by changing the buttons. Metal ones can add a touch of military style while oversized ones can bring you right on-trend.

2. Ribbon recycling

Save shoulder ribbons from T-shirts and use them for gift wrapping or making lavender bags.

3. Old to young

Adult clothes that are getting a bit worn can be taken apart. Then choose the best areas of fabric and use to create brand new children’s items.

4. Hood vibrations

Cut down the front of an unworn hoody and add some buttons to create a whole new top.

5. Beat the bleach

If you're forever staining your clothes with bleach, here's a hack to revitalise stained or worn sleeves on T-shirts.

Simply take the old T-shirt in the same or matching colour, cut the sleeves to the desired length to get rid of the stains, and replace the sections with the new T-shirt sleeves.

6. Cuff love

Cut off the cuffs of old shirts and sew them into little pouches or purses.

7. Brighten up

If your whites are looking less than dazzling, try a good brightener when you wash them rather than giving up and getting rid.

Brighteners can make whites look like new again.

And old white T-shirts are also easy to dye, so try giving them a revitalising colour change for a new look.

8. Snap to it

Select some patterned or plain fabric. Buy a packet of snap buttons (you can find them in the haberdashery department). Cover with your fabric, and to add more detail stitch onto buttons. Great for revamping a dress or jacket.

9. It's a stitch-up!

Brighten up an old denim jacket by picking your favourite stitch and decorating a collar or cuff – or both!

10. Cardy trick

A quick way of reviving an old cardigan you're bored with is to add some different buttons or ribbon trim.