Colourful woollen socks

Top five festival hacks using socks

How to pack smart and deal with mud at festivals.

Aaaah festivals – they're all about the music and the good times. And the mud. And the camping. And the mud. But with just a bit of planning – and a few odd socks – you can focus all your energy on just having fun.

  1. Pack smart by keeping all your underwear and socks in an old tube sock. It'll free up more space and you'll know where they are – if you're planning on changing your underwear at all, that is.
  2. And if you're taking your phone and other gadgets with you, keep all the cables tidy and together in another big old sock. Good luck finding a charge point, though.
  3. Did we mention the mud? Keep it out of your tent when you can't be bothered to take your boots off by slipping a couple of stretchy old socks over the soles.
  4. At the end of a long day's revelling, keep your boots upright and drying out by stuffing tall socks with newspaper and putting them in your festival footwear. And if odours are an issue, you can stick a few bits of charcoal in the toe end to absorb the worst your boots have to offer.
  5. We mentioned mud, didn't we? Even your boots won't keep the stuff from splashing up your legs. But make a pair of ankle gaiters out of old socks (just cut the foot section off) and you've got added protection for minimal effort. Okay, so it's not exactly stylish, but then neither is wandering around in a dress and wellies.