Girl with a sock puppet

Top five odd sock tips for the kids

From sock puppets to toy storage! Handy sock tips.

  1. Let's get the obvious one out of the way first – odd socks make great sock puppets! Try one of our simple guides to make your own sock puppets at home and enter our competition.
  2. They also make ideal sleeping bags for the little ones' favourite toy animals, dolls or action figures.
  3. And when you sit down to play a game with your kids, you'll be thankful you kept all those tiny plastic pieces together in an odd sock. It definitely makes play time a lot easier!
  4. If you've got a chalk or marker pen board that the children love to scribble all over, an odd sock makes a perfect eraser so they can wipe that board clean and get creative all over again.
  5. You could also try making a hacky sack. Simply cut off about half the top part of a long sock or about three quarters for a short sock. Fill the sock with dried rice, dried peas or beads and then sew the opening together in a ball shape.

Sort Your Sock Stuff Out!

Watch the Sock Puppet Posse's music video for lots of ways to save your socks from the bin.

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