Stripey socks

Top ten household hacks for odd socks

Ten ingenious ways to use socks around the house.

Every house has them – the odd socks tucked away in drawers, left abandoned by the washing machine or collecting dust in the middle of a child's 'floordrobe'.

We may never get to the bottom of how they became separated from their partner, but we do know that every odd sock can live again in another guise.

  1. Put a stop to that irritating table wobble by cutting up an odd sock into small pieces and pushing them under the leg until the table is level.
  2. Spruce up your wardrobes or drawers by transforming a sock into a pot pourri bundle. Simply stuff the sock with pot pourri, seal the end with a rubber band and enjoy the sweet smell of success.
  3. Protect your wooden floors from heavy furniture damage by cutting fabric squares from odd socks and placing them under the legs to prevent marks on the floor.
  4. Fight back against that bane of modern life – out of control cables. Socks are a great way of storing cables, especially in luggage when you're travelling.
  5. Socks are also brilliant when you're cleaning or polishing cars, bikes or other metallic items.
  6. And if you're moving to a new house, socks are great for packing and storing delicate items like glassware and smaller crockery and pottery.
  7. A sock makes a great heat pad. Fill it up with dried beans or rice, pop it in the microwave for around 30 seconds and you've got yourself a soothing heat pad at an even more soothing price of absolutely free!
  8. Sure, you can buy dust or polishing cloths when the house needs sprucing up. But an odd sock works just as well and it's free! Put the sock on your hand, apply some polish if you're tackling the furniture, and away you go.
  9. And if the cleaning bug bites hard, attach a sock to the end of a ruler or rod to create a cleaning duster that can get into those hard-to-reach areas up high, down low or behind big units like fridges, wardrobes and cookers. 
  10. For when we experience that cold snap, ice proof your windscreen wipers. To help protect the rubber on your windscreen wipers from frost and winter damage, slide knee length socks over the wipers whilst the car is parked overnight and remove before using the car.

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