Bale of clothes.

Before you say goodbye...

Sometimes you think it's time for a change, but you might not need to be in such a rush.

Here's some tips to help you revitalise old clothes that have fallen out of favour, to sell or share items you're happy to let go and to point you in the right direction if it's recycling time.

1. Work your wardrobe

If it’s a bit big, a bit small or a bit long, a few simple changes will make old clothes feel like new.  And if sewing’s not your thing, you probably know someone who will happily replace that shirt button for you – or maybe something more complex – in exchange for a cuppa!

2. Refresh, restyle, result!

Refreshing your look can be as simple as using a little imagination and creativity. Restyling existing outfits and clothes with different accessories, mixing and matching items or trying new colour combinations can have great results.

3. Sell, swap, share or donate

Most of us have over £1,000 worth of clothes in our wardrobe – if they’re still in good condition then someone else is likely to want them. Sell, swap, share or donate them so someone else can benefit.

4. New from old

Three-quarters of us have thrown clothes in the bin in the last year because we thought they couldn’t be used for any other purpose, but even worn-out clothes can be recycled into new products. Check our recycle locator to find your local textile recycling services.