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David Mumford

David Mumford

David established D-A-M in 2014, an ethical fashion brand to hold back the flow of clothing going to landfill.

Forming a reservoir of garments to upcycle into electric and renewed timeless classics, offering own brand designs from en ever-expanding collection of high fashion upcycled pieces. Bespoke commissions, a collaborative process between beloved pieces of old clothing and their owners, regenerating the garment into an expressive piece of contemporary fashion. Upcycling workshops, to encourage the next generation to be creative and resourceful.
The Super Crafter Network is made up of crafting, tailoring and upcycling organisations across the UK who have signed up to a voluntary agreement to help support Love Your Clothes by inspiring and engaging consumers to extend the life of clothing.
All Super Crafter Network businesses operate independently of Love Your Clothes.
Whilst we take every care to work with organisations we trust, Love Your Clothes cannot be held responsible for services contracted or delivered by members of the Super Crafter Network.
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