Profile of Elnaz Yazdani

Elnaz Yazdani

Yorkshire and the Humber

Elnaz Yazdani is an embroidery artist and educator based in Yorkshire. With a portfolio practice in embroidery and background in embroidery education, Elnaz is dedicated to sharing her skills and promoting the importance of embroidery as an art form for the future and for mental health.

Elnaz has taught embroidery within higher education for over 5 years and teaches fashion, costume and textile BA and MA students. Her embroidery teaching has enabled her to teach skills across the community and to deliver workshops at festivals, evening classes, summer schools and in primary and secondary education settings. Throughout the 2020 Pandemic Elnaz was commended for the Teaching Excellence award in embroidery via the Embroiderers Guild and has now launched her online Embroidery School. Her own practice explores ways of transforming traditional embroidery techniques through her choice of unusual materials; she is inspired by industrial, upcycled materials and the ways in which she can embellish, connect, or transform these items through stitch to develop a surface or form. Her unique embroidery style has allowed her to work across fashion, jewellery and installation contexts since graduating in 2014 from Manchester School of Art. Purchase workshop kits, embroidery artwork and jewellery on Elnaz’s online Shop (link below). Elnaz is available for workshop bookings, embroidery commissions, jewellery commission, gallery events and collaborative projects. Contact Elnaz directly for more information.
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