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Tilly Walnes

Tilly and the Buttons

Tilly and the Buttons creates gorgeous, easy-to-use guides to sewing your own clothes.

Our mission is to make it accessible and enjoyable for the new generation of crafters to start making their own clothes. We believe making your own clothes is much more fun and fulfilling than buying them, and encourages people to treasure their clothes. We design a line of dressmaking patterns with jargon-busting instructions and photos of every step. We offer fun and friendly sewing workshops both at our London studio and online at Our award-winning and bestselling book, Love at First Stitch, takes you from the basics of threading a sewing machine through to creating a wardrobe of gorgeous clothes you’ll be proud to say you made yourself.
The Super Crafter Network is made up of crafting, tailoring and upcycling organisations across the UK who have signed up to a voluntary agreement to help support Love Your Clothes by inspiring and engaging consumers to extend the life of clothing.
All Super Crafter Network businesses operate independently of Love Your Clothes.
Whilst we take every care to work with organisations we trust, Love Your Clothes cannot be held responsible for services contracted or delivered by members of the Super Crafter Network.
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