Stain removal: how to remove baby stains from clothes

Baby stain removal

Babies can put even the toughest laundry detergent through its paces

 Our video guide will help you to remove baby stains, including baby sick, baby food to baby poo! There are tips for both white and coloured clothes, including the best way to dry clothes to reduce stains.

Feel that ‘baby love’ for your laundry again! 

We hope that you find the tips and suggestions in these videos helpful and fun to follow. Adult supervision is recommended at all times when following our guides. Please note that no guarantees are given that any particular results will be achieved and WRAP accepts no responsibility for any damage caused as a result of following these guides. Always read and follow the use and care instructions that come with any products and if in doubt you should seek advice from a specialist.



How to Remove Baby Stains from Clothes - Downloadable Guide

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How to Remove Baby Stains from Clothes - Printable Guide

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