Text: "MakeItNew"

Revealed: the #MakeItNew upcycling challenge

We joined forces with F&F to challenge four fashion bloggers to upcycle their unloved clothes.

Watch the videos to see how they learned to love their old clothes again.

The challenge

“Definitely don’t get rid of it.” Sabrina challenges Amelia.


“I’ve had a massive clear-out but it’s a waste to throw them away.” Amelia challenges Sabrina.


“It’s really good quality, but I just don’t wear it.” Kristabel challenges Dunya.


“Help me love this again.” Dunya challenges Kristabel.

The reveal

“We’ve done a great job – check us out!” Amelia and Sabrina reveal their creations.


“Amazing – well done us!” Dunya and Kristabel reveal their creations.


And there’s more: watch Sabrina, Amelia, Kristabel and Dunya share their new skills with some easy tips for revamping your own wardrobe.