Our Wardrobe Makeover with Penny from Clothes Aid on Vimeo.

What’s in the back of your wardrobe? Show it some love!

We teamed up with Clothes Aid, Macmillan and Back of the Wardrobe to create a video showing how to get more out of the clothes in your wardrobe.

Penny, who was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, was treated to a fantastic wardrobe makeover from stylist Emma at Back of the Wardrobe and was thrilled at all the new looks they created. “It’s amazing,” said Penny, “It doesn’t feel like these are my clothes. I’ve found some great things in my wardrobe that I didn’t really appreciate and I’ll be wearing them more often.”

As Emma says: “It’s all about getting creative with what you already have, so get to the back of your wardrobe and find that new look that’s waiting for you.”

How to give your wardrobe a workout

Inspired by Emma and Penny? Here's how to do it yourself.

Empty entire contents onto your bed and make a cup of tea (optional). Then put your clothes, jewellery, underwear, shoes etc into piles of:

  • Still wear it
  • Doesn’t fit
  • Can’t bear to throw it out
  • Never going to wear it again.

‘Still wear it’

Put these back onto hangers, fold neatly and tidy away. Keeping things neat helps clothes look better for longer.

‘Doesn’t fit anymore’

Be honest now. How likely are you to change and if it did fit, would you actually wear it? Can any of the items be altered to bring them back into use?

‘Can’t bear to throw it out’

If it’s a cherished item with fond memories, make sure it is cleaned and wrapped carefully, kept dry and stored in a box away from your wardrobe to give you extra space.

‘Never going to wear it again’

  • Would a friend or relative like it?
  • Could you sell it online and make a bit of money?
  • Pass it on to a charity and let someone else benefit from it.

Past its best?

Even clothes that are worn out, stained or ripped can still live on in other guises. Old pants, bobbly jumpers and threadbare socks can all be recycled! Use our recycling locator to find out more about doorstep clothing collections and clothing banks near you.